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Personalized Nutrition: an Upcoming Trend of Food Customization

Global Personalized Nutrition Market Report Forecast Upto 2025 Over the past couple of years, personalized nutrition has become a major driver in the nutrition industry. Millennials are especially keen on customized nutrition solutions, due to rising healthcare costs. The larger movement around personalized nutrition can be an exciting opportunity for companies in the dietary supplement and natural products industries for a few reasons. Primary, the technology has helped pave the way for it. With the popularity of various testing techniques, from DNA to gut biome, there is an opportunity to understand nutrition on a whole new level and for people to really drill down to the specifics of what makes their body be its best. Secondly, personalized nutrition testing and real-time reporting on a person’s diet, exercise, nutrition goals, and prescription medication use collected in one place will help bring personalized nutrition from trend to mainstay. Despite several obstacles such as

Asia-Pacific Region Expected to Contribute Greatly to the Sports Analytics Industry

Global Sports Analytics Market Report Forecasts up to 2025 The next three Olympic Games will be staged in Asia, while Qatar is the next FIFA World Cup host. Mexico is investing heavily in sports and major events, while markets like Turkey, Indonesia and Thailand face challenges but have undeniable growth potential. China is leading the way. The government is making major investment across all aspects of sports including events, facilities, teams, leagues and grassroots programs. Alibaba’s long-term partnership with the International Olympic Committee and Wanda Group’s new partnership with FIFA have made headlines but both companies are laying foundations in other sports. World Rugby has built a strategic partnership with Alibaba, while world cycling governing body, the UCI, has a long-term agreement in place with Wanda. According Axiom Market Research &Consulting global market of Sports Analytics was valued at USD 360.00 million in 2018 and is projected to reach USD 4.5 b