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Rapid Development and Investments In Building & Construction Industry To Boost Building Thermal Insulation Industry

Thermal insulation in buildings helps to reduce the carbon footprint as it utilizes less energy to maintain a temperature and limits the conduction of heat to the external environment. Increase in building and construction industry & construction industry will flourish the building thermal insulation market. Moreover, the pace of change in the construction industry  and rising investment in infrastructural development in developing and developed countries globally continues to accelerate the demand for building thermal insulation. Moreover, according to PwC report on infrastructure development in Asia Pacific, much of future spending in infrastructure will be driven by the faster-growing economies in Asia, where the share of  infrastructure spending in Asia Pacific is set to grow from 30% in 2012 to 40% in 2018 and 48% by 2025, largely driven by increasing demand from China.  Alongside rising awareness about the energy saving practices in Asia Pacific and Latin America is l